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Understanding ID Card

Confused about your ID card? Always look on your Medical Insurance ID card to make sure you are using the appropriate network. The ID card will tell you who to call for benefits and other important information. Use this tool to help understand your ID card.

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NWOHP Choice PPO is a network sponsored locally by Blanchard Valley Health System and the Hancock Medical Group physician association. Through a partnership with Ohio Health Choice, the NWOHP Choice PPO also includes a statewide network of health care providers bringing a high quality cost-effective network to its members.

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Welcome to Ohio Health Choice

As employees of Ohio Health Choice, our mission is to be a leader in the managed healthcare industry. Such leadership emerges through the development of innovative solutions to facilitate access to, and the delivery of, quality cost-effective healthcare. We recognize the value and contributions of all whom we serve and are dedicated to a philosophy of individual respect and excellence in service.

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Ohio Health Choice is provider owned and committed to serving our provider community. Here you will find all the tools and resources you will need to work with Ohio Health Choice to deliver the highest quality care to our members.

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Let Ohio Health Choice help you design an outstanding group healthcare plan. Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Insurance companies, brokers, and Employer Groups can utilize the resources found here.

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Need further help or information? Find out more about Ohio Health Choice, and how to contact us.

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